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J ust
A nother
B right
I dea

jabi = pronounced jab eye

  • Small minds discuss People
  • Average minds discuss Events
  • Great minds discuss IDEAS

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Just a few short years ago,
the front porch was the most important "room" of a home.
Here's The Rest of The Story. . .

Discussions from the Virtual Front Porch...

We (are) the People
Proclaim Liberty throughout the land to all the inhabitants thereof.
Leviticus 25:10 - Inscription on the Liberty Bell
The Virtual Soapbox
Connecting people to people and political information

Is it a conspiracy or is it real?

It’s an inconvenient fact that
there is a concerted effort
to remove our national sovereignty
and create a New World Order

Simply Spoiled
  • Full service Hair Salon
    • Body Piercing
      • Greeley, CO

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